Hull estate agents

Last dance, no thanks!

So, you’re selling your home. You’ve taken the time to carefully consider the options, the best marketing strategy and the geography. You’ve invited selected Agents to your property, you’ve listened to them and asked the right questions. You feel comfortable with the firm that you’ve appointed and from this point on you’ll work together to achieve a successful outcome. You’re dealing with real people who you feel can be trusted to help you with the most important transaction of your life.


It’s ten past 6 and you arrive home from work with 20 minutes to tidy up before your first viewing. A nervy time, but oddly exciting as this viewing may open the door to your new life. You approach your doormat. Proudly holding its place amongst the tatty miss-spelt menus and the Free- Gas-For-Life offer is the invitation you haven’t been waiting for.

With ‘Please call us to discuss the marketing of your home’ scrawled across a dog-eared postcard, who could resist? You already know the drill. You call the number and they will persuade you that they’re bigger and they have lots of offices and due to this, they’re better than your current Agents. They have buyers waiting in your area and they’ll match your deal. All things considered their grass is just greener.


In real life, their grass is barren tundra. A tired blend of vapid strap-lines, flakey promises and mixed metaphors, entice you into a world where loyal staff get pressure to achieve the unachievable and customer satisfaction lags sadly behind profit, profit and profit in their short list of priorities.  Welcome to big business in Britain, with last week’s new customer being short-changed as the next one takes priority. All best efforts diverted from selling your home to selling themselves.

The message on your doormat is clear: We can’t attract enough business on our merits, so we’ll try to poach the rest. We have no boundaries, no preferences and no principles. We don’t care what’s best for you and we’ll take whatever we can get.

Your ‘invitation’ was sent to you by the corporate equivalent of the lonely singleton propping up the bar at the last chance saloon, scouring the room, desperate for a last dance fumble. Please, don’t be drawn in. Take this advice, stick to your guns, stick with your Agent and take the early bus home.